Lazy Curl with a Curling Iron!

 - Use a large barrel tong for this technique. 

- Wrap the hair around the tong but only half way down and then switching wrapping directions for the remainder of the section.

-  By changing the direction of the curl and leaving the ends out, this will give the effect of a more relaxed wave.

 -  Place the curling tong in front of the section with the barrel of the tong behind the section. 

- Holding the section, face thumbnail up and flat wrap around the tong (do not twist the hair around the barrel when doing a flat wrap). 

- After you complete the flat wrap, hold the section and roll the tong close to the scalp, allowing the section to heat completely before moving on.


- Holding the section, remove the barrel from the hair and turn it so the barrel is not in front of the section. 

-Place the tong in the spot where your last curl was made and repeat the process, flat wrap, roll the iron and close.

- Once to the end of the section, comb through with your hand and finger through the section to separate the curls.


- End result will be a lazy curl that looks very natural. Finish with a flexible hold hairspray.


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