3 Ways to Transform Wet Hair While You Sleep


 These ideas will help you wake up to a good hair day.

Leaving wet hair loose overnight means you might find a surprise (e.g., cowlicks that can't be controlled, layers that won't lie flat) in the morning. Blot hair with a towel to absorb as much water as possible, then try one of these quick styles to eliminate bedhead...



Wake Up to More Volume

Fine hair has a tendency to fall flat. These four fast steps will add body overnight:

1. Spritz all over with a volumizing spray, which swells the hair shaft as it dries and makes hair look thicker.
2. Pull it all into a high pony at your crown and twist the tail—winding it onto itself to create a loose bun. Why loose? Because a too-tight chignon not only prevents hair from drying all the way through but also could lead to breakage (especially if your hair is relaxed).
3. With a few long bobbies, pin the bun in place.
4. In the morning, let your hair down and finger comb (using a brush creates frizz).



Wake Up to Waves


Try this technique for shoulder-length hair and skip the curling iron in the morning.


1. Apply a light mousse from roots to ends to help hair hold its shape as it dries.
2. From hairline to nape, divide your hair down the middle with a comb, separating it into two equal sections.
3. Braid each side from the middle down. Starting any higher will create crimps near your roots.
4. Secure the end of each braid with a metal-free elastic.
5. Pull out the elastics or pins in the morning and unwind your hair. For a beachy effect, mist a salt spray all over your hair and scrunch with your hands.



Wake Up to Less Frizz

Giving your hair a break from heat can actually be beneficial—especially for those with natural waves. - The less you do to curls the better.

1. Apply a light leave-in conditioner and use a wide-tooth comb to distribute it to your ends. A brush or a fine-tooth comb can destroy your curl pattern and create kinks.
2. Part your hair down the middle. Divide each side into three smaller sections.
3. Starting at the bottom of one of the smaller sections, create a pin curl by wrapping the ends up and over two fingers as you would a foam roller and continue winding up toward your roots. (This prevents curls from tangling or catching on your pillow at night.)
4. Slip your fingers out and secure the pin curl to your scalp using a clip. Then repeat steps three and four on the other five sections.
5. Remove the clips in the a.m. and lightly spritz your hair with water to soften curls and eliminate static.


10 tips to teach you how to curl your hair and make it last.


Do you ever find yourself staring with envy at pictures of celebs, with their sexy, beach waves, and wishing you knew how to curl your hair and make it last more than 30 minutes?





I’ve always known thick, blunt ends won’t hold a curl, and that long layers work best for beach waves - the health of your hair plays an important role, too. In fact, the more damaged and split the ends of your hair are, the harder it will be to curl your hair.





We all know that unwashed hair holds a style better than freshly washed hair, but did you know that cutting back on the hair conditioner can also help your hair hold a curl better?





On the days when you’re skipping the hair wash, a little dry shampoo will do wonders in adding some volume and getting rid of any excess oil.





We swear by Moroccan Oil Volumizing Mousse, but there are lots of other (cheaper!) alternatives from local drug store. Just make sure to read the labels and find something that suits your hair type.





Before you bust out the curling iron, make sure to apply a heat protector to your hair so you don’t damage it. We highly recommend checking out this list of the best heat styling products by totalbeauty.com to find the one that’s perfect for your locks.





For years, I always thought the 2″ barrel curling iron was the secret to sexy, curly hair, but after spending some time over on The Beauty Department, I finally know what size curling iron I should use. And guess what? After switching to a 1 1/4″ iron, my curls look better AND last longer!





I don’t know about you, but I need to see something in action if I have any hope in heck of figuring out how to do it. And that’s why I love Beauty High. They compiled this awesome list of the best YouTube curling hair tutorials, which are full of awesome tips and tricks to teach you how to curl your hair and make it last!





I always thought it made sense to clip my hair into different layers, and start curling it from the bottom up. That’s what I do when I straighten my hair, so it just seemed like the natural thing to do. But when I told my hairdresser this, he almost died of laughter before showing me how much easier (and quicker!) it is if you start from the top and work your way down.





Roll each fresh curl around your finger, fasten it to your head with a bobby pin, and then, when all of your hair has been curled and pinned, spray with hair spray, leave for 10 minutes, and remove the curls one by one. It takes me LESS time to curl my hair with this method, and the end result is always bouncier curls that last all day long.





Always lock in your look with hair spray. You’ll find heaps of fantastic options at your local drugstore. And don’t forget to grab a small bottle for your purse – you’d be amazed at what a little spray can do to revitalize your curls at the end of the day!


5-Minute Hairdos That Will Transform Your Morning Routine.


Let’s get real for just a sec. Most mornings, the snooze button gets priority over a few extra minutes of primping. We all know what it’s like to roll out of bed post-snoozing, only to stare into the mirror in absolute horror. You’ve got to get that mane under control. Lucky for you, we have solutions. Fast solutions. When a little extra sleep helps you get gorgeous (it’s called beauty rest for a reason) and your new warm weather hair routine only takes minutes, it’s a win-win situation. So go ahead, sleep in. With these quick ‘n’ easy spring hairdos, you can be well-rested and totally put together. After all, it’s spring, and you deserve to feel as fresh and beautiful as the season.




1. Waterfall Braid: You could cure your spring hair boredom with a new cut… or embrace your locks and try the waterfall braid instead.



2. Two Minute Easy Updo Tutorial: We couldn’t believe that this hairstyle can be achieved in two minutes! Glorious things happen on the day when it only takes two minutes to look this sophisticated.



3. Half Crown Braid: Braid a two-inch strand of hair on both sides of your head (above your ear), then angle around the back of your head and secure with bobby pins. Adorn your braids with sparkly pins, clips or flowers to add a little special something to the look. 

Hair Hacks Inspired by the Past


Over the years, the beauty industry has drastically changed — new improvements and technology are becoming available to us just about every day. However, that doesn't mean that all of what was practiced in the past has become obsolete. Many of the women of the past had gorgeous, flowing locks that many women still covet now. Here are some of my favorite regimens from the past that can help you maintain beautiful healthy hair today.


Give It Life

A standard vintage hair care regimen for many women would be to wash their hair and then saturate it in oil. They would then take a towel that they have soaked in hot water and wrap it around their hair until the towel had completely cooled. This regimen is still very useful today and I often use it on my clients in the salon, as well as teach them how to do it themselves at home. Here’s my modern take on this technique: First, what you want to do it make sure your hair is thoroughly cleansed — I always recommend shampooing your hair twice. After shampooing, squeeze out any excess water from your hair. Now, apply your favorite hair masque or treatment; Kérastase Nutri Thermique is a great nutrition-based hair treatment that will provide moisture as well as nourishment for your strands. Next, take a towel that you have soaked in hot water (safety comes first, so wring out your towel and make sure it is isn’t too hot) and wrap your hair in the warm towel. Let it sit until the towel and your hair have cooled completely. When you remove the towel, you'll notice the masque has been completely absorbed into your hair. Rinse the excess product out thoroughly and repeat every other week to keep you hair healthy, nourished and split-end free!

Give It A Rinse

One of the oldest and simplest hair care tricks is also one of the most shocking…but not in the way that you would think. While an ice cold hair rinse may seem like a cruel form of torture, it’s actually a fantastic way to give your hair a high-shine finish while stimulating your hair follicle, which promotes healthier hair growth. Simply follow your normal wash-and-condition routine with a quick rinse of cold water. The cold water running through your hair slams the cuticle of your hair shut, creating shine as well as locking in any conditioners and treatments and even extending the life of your color.

Give It Lift

For decades, women have donned rollers in their hair and endured hair dryers for hours to achieve volume and body. They would apply a setting lotion to their wet hair and then wrap their strands tightly around rollers before sitting under a hood-shaped dryer until their locks dried. Needless to say, this process was very time consuming. I often recommend using rollers because the amount of lift and overall body that you get is unsurpassed by any other method. However, if you don’t have hours to spend on your hair (let’s face it — most women won’t), here’s a more time-efficient method: Blow-dry your hair with a round brush in sections and once a section is dry, wrap it tightly around a velcro roller. Let it sit until all of your hair has cooled down, then spray it with a light hairspray such as MoroccanOil Luminous Hairspray to set things in place. Your results will be just as voluminous and glamorous in half the time!

Give It Shine

The tools you use on your hair are very important. The most important one? Your hairbrush — after all, it’s the one thing touching your locks on the daily. In the past, women made brushing their hair daily a priority in their routine. They would use natural boar hair bristles to brush from roots to the ends of their hair, spreading out their natural oils. They would also focus on their scalp for a period of time, which can promote cellular turnover by exfoliating dead skin cells and stimulate your hair follicle to promote growth. Brushing your hair like this is a technique all women should still use today. And choose your brush wisely — a natural bristle brush such as boar hair is not only gentle on your hair but will also give it a lustrous shine. Working these regimens into your routine is an easy way to keep your hair looking soft, shiny and bouncy. They’ll work for just about anyone and will create a noticeable difference in the overall appearance and health of your hair. Take a lesson from the ladies of the past and live beautifully today!

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